Search engine Ecosia launches its climate active advert created for the 2022 Sky Zero Footprint Fund

Sky Media announces that the Sky Zero Footprint Fund finalist, Ecosia, has unveiled its winning advert on 21st March to coincide with International Day of Forests, and will run until the 25th of April.   

Ecosia, the green search engine, won £250,000 media value as a finalist in the 2022 Sky Zero Footprint Fund. The TV campaign will be aired across a mix of channels and programming on Linear, as well as on AdSmart and VOD platforms using Sky Media’s One Campaign Addressable proposition.  

After the brand’s creative concept made it to the Sky Zero Footprint Fund’s final 5, Ecosia unveiled its 30” TV advert to Sky Media’s panel of judges at the Fund’s Showcase event in December 2022. The judges praised Ecosia for the way their advert communicated their vision so beautifully and the simplicity of its use and potential impact – simply asking the nation to switch to Ecosia and then continue doing internet searches, which would equate to trees being planted.  

Sophie Dembinski, Ecosia’s Head of Policy & UK, at Ecosia, said: “We are so proud to be finalists in the 2022 Sky Zero Footprint Fund – not only because our team have produced a world-class advert. Ecosia’s collaboration with Sky Media highlights the positive impact businesses can make in fighting climate change and restoring biodiversity at a crucial time for the planet.” 

Sina Samavati, Ecosia’s Creative Director said, “Ecosia’s impact in combating the climate crisis is all thanks to a community of users and tree planters across the globe. Our aim is to make sure we grow this community however we can. Switching searching engines and using Ecosia is the easiest way we can all be climate active and bring about positive change to people across the globe as well as our planet. Our ad was conceptualised, written and directed in house and produced thanks to an amazing local creative team in Berlin. Our challenges were our limited budget and our commitment to produce the ad as sustainably as possible. We implemented a number of sustainable measures and we worked with highly committed people to produce an ad that delivers our message in a simple yet effective way.” 

Here are some insights that show the impact Ecosia is already having: 

  • Has 20 million active global users per month, nearly 2 million of which are in the UK
  • Ecosia’s users have planted over 160 million trees
  • Ecosia currently plants trees in over 35 countries with over 70 partners across 75 projects around the world in over 13,000 planting sites
  • Ecosia users finance one tree every 1.3 seconds through their online searches
  • 100% of Ecosia’s profits go to climate action

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