Board of Global Alliance announces new appointments for 2021-2022

In line with best corporate governance and compliance practices Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management has announced its new board appointments for 2021-2022. Following the election of new Board members at the 19th AGM in May, incoming and current board members were appointed to Chair and join steering groups in June and took up their roles from 1 July.

The appointments reflect the Global Alliance’s core activities of promoting academic excellence, research, education and training, ethics and standards, global trends, diversity and inclusion, health and wellbeing, membership services and benefits as well as growing membership and providing global leadership through the Regional Councils for Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, India-Middle East, Latin America and North America.

See below the complete list of Global Alliance appointments for 2021-2022


Executive Committee and CAO:

President & CEO – Justin Green, Public Relations Institute of Ireland

Vice-President – Silvia Arto, COM-ENT, France

Immediate Past Chair – José Manuel Velasco, Dircom – Spanish Association of Communicators Directors, Spain

Treasurer – Philip T. Bonaventura, Public Relations Society of America, USA

Secretary – Fiona Cassidy, Public Relations Institute of New Zealand

Chief Administrative Officer – Mateus Furlanetto, Global Alliance


Academic Council

Chair: Dr. Amybel Sánchez, Dean, San Martin de Porres University, Peru


Dr. Wole Adamolekun, Elizade University, Nigeria; Dr. Ángel Alloza, Corporate Excellence Centre for Reputation Leadership, Spain; Prof. Anthony d´Angelo, Syracuse University, USA and Justin Green, Public Relations Institute of Ireland, Ireland.


Director of Education & Training: Dr. Amybel Sánchez (Latin America)

Steering committee:  Dr. Ángel Alloza (Europe), Peter Mutie (Africa), Jaffri Amin Osman (Asia-Pacific) and Prita Kemal Gani (Asia-Pacific).


Director of Ethics & Standards: Kia Haring (Europe)

Steering committee: José Manuel Velasco (Europe), Sarah Hanel, Gonca Karakas (Europe), Patience Nyange (Africa) and Béatrice Guay (North America).



World Commission on Ethical Standards in Public Relations & Communications

Chair: Sarah Hanel, non-director (North America)

Commission members: to be appointed


Director of Membership Services & Benefits: Paula Portugal Mendes (Europe)

Steering committee: Gonca Karakas (Europe), Silvia Arto (Europe), Patience Nyange (Africa), Pamela Yin (Asia-Pacific), Gladys Diaz (Latin America), Philip T. Bonaventura (North America) and Fiona Cassidy (Asia Pacific).


Director of Membership Recruitment: Philip T. Bonaventura (North America)

Steering committee: Silvia Arto (Europe), Bonnie Caver (North America), Gladys Diaz (Latin America), Patience Nyange (Africa), Amith Prabhu (India-Middle East) and Jaffri Amin Osman (Asia Pacific).


Directors of Communications, Content & Digital: Ana Pista (Asia Pacific) and Mandy Pearse (Europe)

Steering committee: Jakarta Office: Candy Hernandez (Asia Pacific), Alastair McCapra

(Europe), Amith Prabhu (India-Middle East) and Paula Portugal Mendes (Europe).


Director of Sponsorship & Partnerships: José Manuel Velasco (Europe)

Steering committee: Silvia Arto (Europe), Bonnie Caver (North America), Philip T. Bonaventura (North America) and Justin Green (Europe).


Director of Finance, Funding and Revenue: Philip T. Bonaventura (North America)

Steering committee: Justin Green (Europe), Mateus Furlanetto (Latin America), Jaffri Amin Osman (Asia Pacific) and José Manuel Velasco (Europe).


Director of Projects & Research: Mandy Pearse (Europe)

Steering committee: Alastair McCapra (Europe), Ángel Alloza (Europe) and Béatrice Guay (North America).


Diversity & Inclusion Month – June 2021

Chair: Hamilton dos Santos (Latin America)

Steering committee: Latin America Regional Council: Francisco Aylwin Oyarzún (Chile), Gladys Diaz (Puerto Rico), Silvina Seiguer (Argentina), Dr. Emiliana Pomarico Ribeiro (Brazil), Pablo Cattoni (Argentina), Pedro Cadina (Brazil) and Tato Carbonaro (Brazil); Bonnie Caver (USA), Béatrice Guay (Canada) and Philip T. Bonaventura (USA).

Health & Wellbeing Month – September 2021

Chair: Paula Portugal Mendes (Europe)

Steering committee: Gonca Karakas (Turkey), Amit Prabhu (India) and India-Middle East Regional Council – Alex Malouf (UAE), Hemant Gaule (India), Hina Huria (India), Kunal Sinha (India), Shreya Krishnan (India), Dr. T. Serra Gorpe (UAE); Gladys Diaz (Puerto Rico) and Fiona Cassidy (New Zealand).


Ethics Month – February 2022

Chair: Kia Haring (Europe)

Steering committee: José Manuel Velasco (Spain), Sarah Hanel (USA), Gonca Karakas (Turkey), Patience Nyange (Africa), Béatrice Guay (Canada), Amit Prabhu (India), Jean Valin (Canada), John Paluszek (USA), Alex Malouf (UAE), Ellen Gunning (Ireland) and Dr. Gunter Bentele (Germany).


Global Trends & Communication Transformation – March 2022

Chair: Silvia Arto (Europe)

Steering committee: European Regional Council – António Rapoula (Portugal), Biagio Oppi (Italy), Christina Kahlert (Germany), Eugene Grey (Belgium & Ireland), José Manuel Velasco (Spain) and Luiza Jurgiel-Żyła (Poland); Paula Portugal Mendes (Portugal), Amit Prabhu (India) and Bonnie Caver (USA).


Education & Training Month – April 2022

Best of Education & Training Month – November 2021

Chair: Jaffri Amin Osman (Asia Pacific)

Steering committee: Jakarta Office: Candy Hernandez (Indonesia) & Asia Pacific Regional Council: Audrey Petriny (Indonesia), Jennifer Muir (Australia), Prita Kemal Gani (Indonesia) and Richard Wang (China);Amit Prabhu (India) and Philip T. Bonaventura (USA).


New appointments for Regional Council Chairs as listed below:

Asia-Pacific – Jaffri Amin Osman, Institute Public Relations Malaysia, Malaysia

North America – Béatrice Guay, Canadian Public Relations Society, USA


The Regional Councils below maintained the current chairs:

Africa – Peter Mutie, Peterson Integrated Communications Institute, Kenya

Latin America – Hamilton dos Santos, Aberje Brazilian Association for Business Communications, Brazil

India-Middle East – Amith Prabhu, The PRomise Foundation, India

Europe – Silvia Arto, COM-ENT Communication & Enterprise, France


New members to Regional Councils:

Latin America Regional Council – Dr. Emiliana Pomarico Ribeiro, Gladys Diaz & Pablo Cattoni

Africa Regional Council – Patience Nyange

European Regional Council – Eva Maclaine

Asia Pacific Regional Council – Prita Kemal Gani

India-Middle East – Dr. T. Serra Görpe

Global Alliance members are invited to join, support and replicate the projects and initiatives created and promoted by the organization to enhance and strength the public relations and communication profession.

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