Business must adopt ‘ethical approach’ to AI – #AIinPR panel

The CIPR’s Artificial Intelligence Panel (#AIinPR) has backed guidelines proposed by the European Commission that promote an ethics-driven approaches to AI.

The draft guidelines – published in December last year – set out a framework for establishing Trustworthy AI. In its response to the guidelines, the #AIinPR panel welcome efforts to avoid biases in AI algorithms that can prejudice the way machines and platforms learn and behave.

The response also calls on PR professionals adopt a leadership role to help businesses navigate the ethical challenges posed by AI. The final version of the EU Guidelines will be published in March 2019.  “

Our reliance on AI in society is set to deepen giving rise to ethical issues as we turn over to algorithms in our homes, businesses and elsewhere.

PR professionals have a role helping organisations lay the groundwork for local codes of ethics in AI. It’s why the CIPR #AIinPR panel is supporting the guidance being proposed European Commission as a framework for promoting ethics driven approaches to AI.

Kerry Sheehan Chart.PR, MCIPR, Global Director of Communications, ABRSM (consulting), CIPR Artificial Intelligence Deputy Chair

The #AIinPR Panel recently announced its plans for 2019, which include a new website showcasing AI tools and a series of best practice guides on the use AI in PR.

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