‘Businesses that value PR reap the benefits’ – CIPR President

CIPR President Emma Leech Found.Chart.PR, FCIPR has welcomed research from Releasd which shows businesses leaders who have a strong understanding of public relations are more likely to say the function delivers good value.

However the research – which surveyed 300 senior executives from large companies –  revealed over a third of execs do not have a good understanding of what the PR function does, with two out ten respondents not knowing what ‘PR’ stood for.

The delivery of all organsational objectives depend on strong and effective relationships, excellent communication and reputation. These are our areas of expertise and PR professionals deliver exceptional value for businesses that grasp this. It is telling that the research shows those with a strong undertanding of PR recognise the value it delivers. 

It is clear, however, that we must work harder to ensure our success is recongised by more business leaders. That is exactly what our #PRPays campaign sets out to achieve. The campaigns highlights the strategic value PR delivers for the business community through a series of exclusive video interviews with senior leaders, including the likes of Heathrow CEO, John-Holland Kaye. We use those endorsements to represent our profession and champion its benefits benefits to business leaders. We are proud of the contribution public relations makes to business and society and will work to ensure that success is increasingly recognised across senior levels of business. 

Emma Leech Found.Chart.PR FCIPR, CIPR President

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