Canada Goose Launches Polar Bears International BE@RBRICK in Honour of International Polar Bear Day

Canada Goose and MEDICOM TOY have teamed up to release a special, limited-edition BE@RBRICK in support of Polar Bears International (PBI). The Canada Goose PBI BE@RBRICK launches today on International Polar Bear Day, an annual event that raises awareness of the challenges polar bears face due to climate change and declining sea ice, which is vital for their survival.

The collaboration is part of Canada Goose’s Spring 2020 PBI campaign which launched earlier this month aimed at raising awareness of the warming Arctic and its effects on polar bears, us and our global habitat. The campaign’s thought-provoking message – “What Affects Them, Affects Us All” – is the inspiration behind the BE@RBRICK half mirror, half polar bear design. The reflective half brings people face-to-face with the realities of climate change and our responsibility to educate, spread awareness and help urge people to take action.

The global campaign also includes the expansion of Canada Goose’s PBI capsule collection into Spring. For the first time ever, Canada Goose is offering rainwear, windwear and lightweight down options in the signature PBI blue. To further shine light on the harsh realities these species and our planet are facing, Canada Goose created the original documentary, Bare Existence, produced in partnership with Stept Studios. The film offers a behind the scenes look at the passionate people of PBI who have dedicated their lives to preserving the Arctic habitat.

A portion of proceeds from each BE@RBRICK will go directly to PBI to support critical funding for research and environmental advocacy. Available in three sizes: 1000% priced at $995 with a $50 donation, and a 100% + 400% (sold as a packaged set) priced at $250 with a $25 donation.

The Canada Goose PBI BE@RBRICK is available exclusively at, select Canada Goose retail stores globally and Hypebeast’s HBX.

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