CAP – Keep onside and avoid a straight red with our Euro 2024 marketing tips

The ASA/CAP have released a post called: Keep onside and avoid a straight red with our Euro 2024 marketing tips. I have enclosed the text of the link below, but please have a look at the ASA/CAP site as there are lots of things of interest to anyone with an interest in Ethical Marketing.

Euro 2024 kicks off with Germany v Scotland, but marketers will be hoping to get an early goal with their advertising straight from the kick-off.  Avoid being knocked out in the group stages by following these top tips.

Don’t pad your stats – Misleading endorsements will not improve your goal difference.

Intellectual property in football is big business. Marketers will naturally want their brands to be to associated with the likes of the National Teams and UEFA.  Whilst there’s nothing wrong with this, falsely implying official endorsement is a likely breach of the Advertising Codes. The ASA take into account the overall impression provided by the copy, including text, images, icons and symbols so if you can’t walk the walk, avoid talking the talk. If you have any doubt about the use of intellectual property, please consider seeking legal advice.

When ads about the beautiful game turn ugly.

The “hand of god” was over 35 years ago, and marketers still reference it in their ads. Controversy, glory, and misery have created many memorable ads, but marketers need to make sure they don’t go in two-footed and see red for it. Offensive stereotypes are still seen in ads and Marketers should carefully reflect on ads that may portray racial, cultural or national stereotypes. Though the overall tone of the ad will be considered, “it’s just banter” is not an excuse to cross the line.

Gambling with last long-distance shots should be left on the pitch. 

Gambling ads related to football predate both the Euro’s and the World Cup. Marketers shouldn’t hedge their bets with their ads. The CAP Code prohibits anyone under the age of 25 from appearing in most gambling ads, even footballers. Whilst there is an exception for websites where bets can be placed directly, ensure your ads don’t hit the wall by considering the advice available.  Gambling ads must all watch that any star players in the ads don’t have a strong appeal to U-18’s too.

Don’t overdo it on the Man of the Match Champagne.

Like gambling, there are a number of rules that apply to alcohol advertising – in particular, they cannot be directed at or reflect the culture of under-18s, nor can under-25s be shown playing a significant role. Other potential reasons to bench an ad include enhancing confidence or mental or physical capabilities, or endorsing excessive consumption.

It’s all kicking off over here.

Ads must avoid showing behaviour that condones or encourages violence or anti-social behaviour. Much like that infamous headbutt in 2006, we take ads that depict violence seriously.  Other ads that may incur more than a points reduction include ads that depict vandalism, objectification or other anti-social behaviour.

You’ll never walk alone with our Copy Advice team.

Bring our Copy Advice team into the dugout and let them help with your Euro 2024 ads. Our team of experts can help you prevent ads from being knocked out the tournament due to a last-minute winner from your hated rival. Game on!

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