CAP Release Chiropractor Webinar

Following the updated guidance for Chiropractors issued by the ASA and CAP at the end of 2017, they have invited the British Chiropractic Association to ask its members to submit their burning questions on how the advertising rules affect the ways in which chiropractors advertise their services. This is taken from their website, please lookl at their website for more info on their rulings and conclusions.

Join CAP Copy Advice Executive Janet Taylor and the ASA’s Digital Communications Specialist James Miller for a whistle-stop tour of the most commonly asked questions on this topic in the recording of our recent webinar on advertising and Chiropractic.

We’ll be following this up with an ‘FAQ’s’ round-up article in the coming weeks addressing any outstanding questions, including those submitted during the live broadcast of the webinar.

For further guidance see our other Chiropractic resources below;

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