Charity Retail Association and Wil-U, Launch Volunteering Matching Service

The Charity Retail Association  in collaboration with Wil-U, have launched an initiative to help match potential volunteers with charity shops when they reopen on or after the 15th June.

From today, members of the public who are potentially interested in volunteering can go to and sign up in a very simple and short process. Charity retailers who have vacancies will then be able to interrogate the database and identify potential volunteers according to their location and specific charity interest (eg medical research, animal welfare etc).

The platform has been built free of charge by tech company Wil-U, who are on a mission to provide innovative technology that revolutionises how communities connect with charities.

When charity shops start reopening we are anticipating that there will be a shortage of people to help out, as many existing volunteers will be unable to return straight away because of shielding, public transport issues, or just not wanting to leave their homes at this point. This initiative will help shops fill those gaps and allow potential volunteers an easy way to express an interest in contributing to the vital work that charity shops do in their communities and for their parent charities.

CEO of Wil-U, Richard Dorf, commented: “we are delighted to have been able to help the charity retail sector recruit more volunteers through a simple but effective piece of technology. We are very keen to help establish more connections between charities and the communities in which they are located, and this seems to us to be an excellent way to do it”.

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