Charity Times Award win for FareShare and Tesco

FareShare’s longstanding partnership with Tesco has been recognised at the Charity Times Awards. 

The Corporate National Partnership with a Retailer award was awarded to FareShare for our work with Tesco, which in the last year includes the innovative Buy One to Help a Child (BOTHAC) campaign and the bi-annual Food Collection. 

The partnership between FareShare and Tesco was bolstered by an exponential increase in support from the retailer in the last year, including additional funding during the pandemic, an extra annual food collection and BOTHAC.  

Across two BOTHAC campaigns, Tesco donated more than £5m to FareShare to enable the charity to purchase additional food to meet demand and ensure its network of 31 regional centres could continue vital operations during an increasingly busy year.  

The Corporate National Partnership with a Retailer award recognises the active involvement of a retail organisation directly through a partnership with a UK-registered charity, which has had a quantifiably positive impact on the charity in the last year. The prize was awarded to FareShare and Tesco at a ceremony on Wednesday 14 September 2022. 

The Awards celebrate best practice in the UK charity and not-for-profit sector and is organised by Charity Times, leading management title for the sector.  

Lindsay Boswell, Chief Executive at FareShare, said: “We are thrilled to have won a Charity Times award in recognition of our longstanding partnership with Tesco. We simply could not do all that we do at FareShare without Tesco and around 30% of the food that FareShare receives is as a direct result of this partnership. 

“In our tenth year of working together, our partnership with them is absolutely vital to our operations – from every day surplus redistributed by its stores into the local community, to huge campaigns like Buy One to Help a Child and the Tesco Food Collection, the food and financial support we receive helps to ensure we can continue getting crucial supplies to thousands of people at risk of hunger across the UK.” 

Claire de Silva, Head of Community at Tesco said: “Through our partnership with FareShare millions of meals-worth of surplus food have reached charities and community groups across the UK. This year we are celebrating a decade of partnership with FareShare and it is wonderful to see the strength of our partnership being recognised by the Charity Times Awards as we mark that special milestone.”

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