Christopher Ranch launches national campaign with the Elephants of Africa Rescue Society

Christopher Ranch, the nation’s premier garlic company, is partnering with EARS (Elephants of Africa Rescue Society) and the Monterey Zoo to launch a first of its kind campaign to raise awareness and funds for elephant conservation and the greater development of Monterey Zoological Society.

Over the next year, for every case of Christopher Ranch Elephant Garlic that’s sold nationwide, Christopher Ranch will be donating $1.00 to help fund EARS’s operational activities both domestically and internationally. As Christopher Ranch sells tens of thousands of cases on an annual basis, these funds will serve as a vital resource for the excellent work EARS founder Charlie Sammut has been doing for years. 

The Elephants of Africa Rescue Society is dedicated to supporting projects aimed at securing a safe habitat for wild African elephants and committed to providing a sanctuary for their captive cousins.  The Monterey Zoo serves as the home for several African elephants, all retired from the entertainment industry. These elephants participate in non-invasive studies that benefits the national database of research.

“In partnering with the Monterey Zoo, and their EARS initiative, we’re bridging two of the cornerstones of Christopher Ranch’s foundation: corporate social responsibility and conservation. They’re doing inspirational work, and in time, it will serve as a catalyst to further educational opportunities for local youth and promote the protection of elephants. Elephant Garlic has always been one of our most talked about products- and I can’t think of a better partnership than with the Monterey Zoo. It’s one of the treasures of the Central Coast, and we’re proud to contribute to the sustainability and longevity of these gentle giants.”
 –Ken Christopher, Executive Vice President


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