CIPR publish new member guide to political activity and communications in a general election

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) has published a member exclusive guide to permitted political activities and communications during a general election. 

The guidance – ‘General Election 2019; Political Activity and Communications Guide‘ – summarises four pieces of legislation and provides overall guidance for businesses as well as specific dos and don’ts for charities and local government. 

The regulated period, as set by the Electoral Commission, has begun and organisations must ensure their staff abide by these laws. Much of this regulated activity is relevant to public relations practitioners and concerns how an organisation can campaign during this period and how that activity is paid for.

This is a welcome summary of complex legislation. The rules surrounding electoral law are now, more than ever, under increased scrutiny. As PR professionals we have a duty to ensure we comply with the law as it exists and act ethically and in the public interest during this period.

CIPR President, Emma Leech Found.Chart.PR FCIPR

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