CIPR responds to claims of being “virtually bust”

The CIPR have posted a statement on their website after Guido Fawkes posted a story on their Order-Order website:

On 10 August Guido Fawkes published a story on the Order-Order website claiming that the CIPR is “virtually bust”. It isn’t.

Like many organisations the CIPR has had to adapt rapidly to the changes of the last few months. As the report says, we’re giving up our office and going virtual, we’ve been obliged – with regret – to reduce our staff, and we’re not running some of our awards this year.

We forecast an operating loss in 2020, but as a result of the changes we’ve made we will be in much better shape next year. We have a solid cashflow and we will be able to continue supporting our members and meeting our charter obligations for the rest of this year and in the future.

Our membership numbers remain healthy. We’ve recruited more members this year than last year, we have bookings for our training for every week through to the end of the year, and our qualifications are doing significantly better than forecast.

As far as other specifics in the story are concerned, they relate to confidential matters and we won’t be commenting on them.

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