CIPR works with Carbon Neutral Britain to achieve Carbon Neutral Status

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) has officially achieved Carbon Neutral status.  

Working with Carbon Neutral Britain (CNB) – the UK’s leading Carbon Offsetting initiative – the Institute has gone through a four-step accreditation process to measure and offset some 453.00 Tonnes of Carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) and achieve Carbon Neutrality. 

Throughout the year, CNB will purchase carbon credits based on the number of tonnes of CO2e purchased from the Institute and match the purchase into an offsetting portfolio that will see the CIPR fund and support sustainable projects that reduce carbon emissions elsewhere. This includes renewable energy initiatives and reforestation programs via the Climate Fund Portfolio of verified carbon offsetting projects around the world. 

The work by CNB found that the CIPR has no direct (Scope 1) or energy-related (Scope 2) emissions. It revealed all of its emissions fall under Scope 3, with 96% of them coming from purchased goods and services. This means the Institute would only need to offset 4% of its current total. However, as the beneficiary of these goods and services, the CIPR has undertaken to offset these emissions themselves.

Achieving Carbon Neutrality is a significant step for the Institute. It demonstrates that we’re about more than just meeting standards; we’re actively contributing to positive environmental change and leading the industry by example. 

Carbon Neutrality reflects our commitment to sustainable practices, and we hope this sets a precedent for others in our field. It’s not just about offsetting our carbon footprint, but also about inspiring and influencing wider change towards a more sustainable future for all.

Alastair McCapra, Returning Officer and CIPR Chief Executive

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