Co-op ‘re-peats’ commitment to only sell peat-free compost as Government consultation closes

Co-op has ‘re-peated’ its commitment to selling only peat-free bagged compost in its stores as a Government consultation on measures to end the retail sale of peat in England and Wales comes to a close.

Last year, Co-op became the first UK supermarket to completely end the sale of peat-based bagged compost in all its stores in a move designed to make it easier for amateur horticulturists to prune their carbon and environmental impacts.

Co-op is this year, once again, working with Westland and selling only its New Horizon peat-free bagged compost which will be available in 1,100 of the convenience retailer’s food stores which sell compost.

The consultation highlights that “peatlands are an iconic feature of our landscapes and the UK’s largest stores of carbon. They also provide vital ecosystem services including supplying UK drinking water, decreasing flood risk, and providing food and shelter for rare wildlife.” It went on to explain that “the extraction of peat releases the carbon stored inside as carbon dioxide, contributing to climate change. Peat is extracted in the UK for, primarily, horticultural purposes. By ending the retail sale of peat in horticulture, we will be protecting our vulnerable peatlands and helping to prevent climate change.”

Martin Spencer, Co-op’s Buyer for Home and Leisure, said: “It seems quite simple really, it is clear that extracting peat contributes to climate change, not to mention its impact on the environment and our wildlife who depend on it – and so, that is why we only sell peat-free bagged compost at Co-op. We want to make it easier for our Members and customers to make small changes in their everyday lives which, together, add up to making a big difference to our environment.”

New Horizon peat-free bagged compost to be sold at over 1,100 Co-op stores, with product rolling out to stores in time for spring, including New Horizon peat-free Tomato planter, and peat-free compost in 20L and 50L pack sizes.

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