Coloradans Against Auto Theft’s Kilo Car Represents Connection Between Auto Theft and Other Crimes

Did you know Colorado has one of the highest auto theft rates in the nation, with an average of 53 cars stolen every day? What about that 97% of car thieves are charged with additional crimes, such as armed robbery, identity theft, home invasion and drug crimes? Coloradans Against Auto Theft (CAAT) created the “Kilo Car” to educate Coloradans about the importance of simply locking their car to deter auto thieves.

Amélie created an ambient piece that would turn heads around downtown Denver. The “Kilo Car” is a full-size vehicle body constructed of materials that look to be different types of drugs, from heroin to fentanyl. Messages on the car read, “Your unlocked car could be sitting in drug traffic,” and “Your unlocked car is about to go on a drug bender.

The Kilo Car made its debut in a highly-trafficked area of downtown Denver in March, catching eyes and garnering media coverage from local broadcast stations.

The car will go on to make an appearance at the Denver Auto Show in April, where show attendees will be encouraged to participate in a Kilo Car Twitter hashtag contest to help CAAT spread the car’s important message. Once people see the display and connect auto theft to other crimes, the habit of locking their cars every time will follow.


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