Ethical Marketing Awards

One of the things that has frustrated me since I started this site is the lack of awards for those doing the right thing.

It’s also frustrating that what awards there are all cost about £300-£1000 to enter and it seems like that’s just something which  instantly prices out some of the smaller companies.

Over the next 6-12 months I’m going to try and see if I can interest companies in helping me create a new Ethical Marketing Awards that will be free to enter and be open to everyone, it will not have a lavish ceremony but will be done online, but it will hopefully highlight some of the best and impressive campaigns.

For about the price of a standard entry at most awards say £300-£500 a company can sponsor a category and be attached to all of the publicity etc, but they will not be allowed to enter the category they sponsor. It would be great to get people and companies involved at all levels.  It’s something that I think could be really good and I would love to get all kinds of marketing companies of all side involved at all levels.

I really want to make something that all sizes of company can be a part of and hopefully that some of the bigger companies can be a part of trying to create.

If anyone is interested in being involved, in sponsoring something or doing anything that they can help, if it’s any marketing company’s who want to work on the campaign with us, then please get in touch at:

It’s being done on a budget initially but it could be something special and I think it would be great for those companies large and small who are trying to do the right thing.  

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