Datawords and The Lucy Collective to Collaborate in the Creation and Transcreation of Diverse and Inclusive Advertising

Datawords, and The Lucy Collective, an advertising agency built around diversity and inclusion, announced a strategic partnership to help brands create diverse and inclusive marketing campaigns to be rolled out across international markets.

This newly signed partnership will allow Datawords to help current and future clients by offering inclusive creative ideas born from diverse and gender-equal teams in addition to their industry-leading international digital marketing platforms. The goal is not only to rollout digital campaigns across diverse cultures but also to provide clients with the ability to create campaigns that are designed to be inclusive of diverse peoples and cultures.

Founded in 2017 in New York, The Lucy Collective has developed a strong approach on how to develop creative strategies and ideas that are inclusive of a broader range of people and deliver exponential results for brands. Lucy has worked with Amazon Alexa in India, Pampelonne Sparkling wine cocktails in the US, and EMP Belstar, a private equity firm in the US and South Korea.

Alexandre Crazover, CEO and Co-founder of Datawords, stated: “Our partnership with Lucy is an organic yet strategic development. For almost 20 years, Datawords has been rolling out massive digital campaigns for blue-chip brands across multiple cultures around the world. The expertise we have gained in that process makes us particularly efficient at shaping the creative ideas that we deploy. Partnering with Lucy, a company dedicated to creating campaigns inclusive of diverse cultures, is a natural next step. That Datawords and Lucy’s cultures fit so well together makes the collaboration even more exciting.”

Arun Nemali, CCO and Co-founder of The Lucy Collective, added: “Lucy has always believed that the people who create the advertising should be just as diverse and gender-equal as the people consuming and interacting with it. So when Alexandre and his team approached us with the notion of collaboration, we kicked ourselves for not thinking of it earlier. Imagine that – magnetic creative ideas that are diverse and inclusive being rolled out by Datawords’ industry-leading human/machine platforms to connect with diverse cultures. It’s an incredible opportunity for Datawords, Lucy and all our clients.”

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