Director creates new film to highlight World Breastfeeding Week

Despite it being illegal to prevent a woman breastfeeding in public, many women still experience prejudice, feel embarrassed, judged and are publicly humiliated being told to cover up, do it in a toilet or worse yet, leave. Just this week the BBC reported that the Victoria and Albert Museum apologised after a mum said she was asked to “cover up” while breastfeeding on a visit to the museum. On a Twitter post, the woman stated she was “perplexed” by the request afterwards she posted images of naked female statues from the museum and said a lovely day at the V&A “exploring depictions of breasts through the ages”. The director of the V&A Tristram Hunt went on to state that women may breastfeed “wherever they like”.

To coincide with World Breastfeeding Week (1st to 7th August), Director Jon Lawton of Stink Studios has made a short film – a proud image of a mother serenely feeding her child set against grotesque mouths scoffing food. A passionate reaction to the ugly truth of the ignorance society can show towards the most beautiful and natural type of feeding.

“Have you seen people eating? It’s disgusting. All lips, sauce and gob. It’s like we go backwards in our ability to do the most simple human task. Babies feeding, by comparison, is the most elegant form of the act. If one mother feels more confident breastfeeding in public because of the film – that’s a good thing.” Jon Lawton, Director.

The film is set to the post punk provocateur & feminist Peaches track, ‘Fuck the Pain Away’. The film shows the truth and demands a reassessment. Shining the spotlight on the insanity and stupidity of how such a pure act can cause such ridiculous offense to others.

Jon Lawton also said to us:

“Who’s more disgusting… the breastfeeding mother, the dirty eater who judges her or the cafe owner who throws her out? The law states women have the right to breastfeed their babies wherever they want. Breastfeeding is nicer than you feeding. Stop judging this World Breastfeeding Week.”


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