Disheartening and superficial – PRCA responds to Loganair’s carbon offset charge

The PRCA Climate Misinformation Strategy Group has responded to Loganair’s announcement of a mandatory £1 carbon offset charge for every passenger.
John Brown, CEO and founder of Don’t Cry Wolf and chair of the PRCA strategy group said:
“It’s disheartening to see the recent Loganair announcement highlighting a mandatory £1 carbon offsetting fee.
“The announcement lacks any meaningful evidence as to the quality, transparency and efficacy of the offsetting scheme itself and equally fails to underpin the activity with any robust analysis of the current carbon footprint of the airline. It also grossly devalues the true cost of carbon emissions and genuine environmental impact. 
“We acknowledge Loganair has previously announced a number of other initiatives, including investment into new technology, however, this further emphasises why the offsetting campaign is superfluous and superficial.
“We’d encourage any PR professionals considering a similar approach to rethink their strategy and to instead explore more meaningful, evidence based, action with their clients and employers.”
The PRCA Climate Misinformation Strategy Group recently published a report, conducted by Opinium, exploring the current perception of the climate crisis and misinformation, the role of communications professionals within it and the challenges that need to be addressed.

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