Eallin Celebrate 70 years of Human Rights with Amnesty International Video

Award-winning animation company Eallin has created a film for Amnesty International to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights.

The document signed by Eleanor Roosevelt on the 10th of December 1948 became known as the “Modern Magna Carta” and ushered in a new age of International cooperation and hope.

In this, Eallin’s third film for Amnesty, award-winning animation director Mustashrik Mahbub created a celebration of history’s great, global human rights heroes from the iconic names such as Nelson Mandela and Gandhi to the lesser known names such as Narges Mohammadi and Liu Xiaobo. The men and women who went on to make manifest Eleanor’s dream of universal human rights. The brave individuals to whom we owe our current freedoms.

The aim was to swell the hearts, lift the spirits and inspire the actions of everyone who watched the film. The challenge, however, was to create this feeling of a global celebration, without actually filming the 30 locations around the world from the bleak emptiness of Evin Prison in Iran to lush forests of Intibuca in Honduras.

To do this, Eallin worked closely with Getty Images to source the best still of all the locations, then brought each to life using 3D camera projections and detailed post-production so that the film traverses the contrasting environments that formed its heroes.

Music would play a crucial role in the narrative. Eallin & Mustashrik worked closely with MassiveMusic to find and record the perfect track, the ‘90s hit song “See the Lights” by Simple Minds that was subsequently re-recorded by MassiveTalent’s St. Solaire.

The resulting song, haunting but uplifting, proves a perfect accompaniment to this contemplative film.

The film and accompanying single was released on Monday the 11th of December to coincide with the momentous anniversary of the Universal declaration of human rights.




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