German Store EDEKA Launches Powerfull Diversity Campaign

With  the  new  online  video  #Vielfalt  (diversity, variety), the EDEKA Group and its customers have shown their commitment to highlighting the importance of diversity in daily life. The video was made inside a Hamburg EDEKA store shows the authentic reactions of people who only find groceries from their native Germany on its shelves – it showcases how much they miss the variety in shopping to which they had become accustomed. Private photographs of the live campaign had already spread like a wildfire via newspapers such as the Independent and social media, triggering a great deal of public interest. In the new video #Vielfalt, EDEKA now shows the entire story behind the campaign. More at:

Confusion can be seen on the surprised faces of the EDEKA customers. The spontaneous reactions clearly reflect the feeling that sets in when the diversity to which we have become accustomed disappears from our everyday lives. However, the customers soon realise that Germany would be a great deal poorer without diversity.

The  campaign has already raised far more interest than they expected and they stated:

“The EDEKA Group also stands for diversity in daily life: for diversity in society, within the organisation and, of course, in the broad EDEKA range of products.”

Edeka view its diverse product range as one of its key success factors. They producly boast customers can find up to 60,000 products in their stores each day: Products from many and various regions in Germany, Europe and the world. The comany also tell us:

“The significance of diversity can already be perceived in EDEKA’s co-operative model with some 4,000 self-employed retailers, who have tailored their market presence individually, geared to regional specialities and customer requests. To EDEKA, diversity also means that persons from many and various backgrounds work within the Group, persons who experience recognition, appreciation and promotion here – irrespective of gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religious persuasion, age or sexual orientation. EDEKA is particularly dedicated to the subject of integration. For instance, the Group has already been a partner of the German Integration Foundation since 2012, an organisation that supports persons with a migration background on their professional career paths.”

An interesting and important advert that has really captured the imagination on showing the importance of Diversity and a lovely piece of advertising that not only publicises the company of Edeka but also showcases the impoertance diversity on a bigger stage.


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