Enough Is Enough Launches Random Posts Of Kindness And Sweet Tweets Campaign

Enough Is Enough (EIE), a non-profit organization dedicated to making the Internet Safer for Children and Families, launched a new campaign this week in recognition of Random Acts of Kindness Week 2018 (“RAK Week”) held Feb. 11-17.

The campaign, “Random Posts of Kindness,” is designed to generate a culture of dignity and respect in order to create a safer, more civil Internet, and includes a special Valentine’s initiative, “Sweet Tweets.”  EIE has created a platform of original graphics containing positive and uplifting messages for users to share on social media. Additionally, users can use the graphics to personalize their own messages.

“Children and adults alike are encouraged to participate to create an online epidemic of kindness and civility. When we demonstrate respect for one another, and are intentional about building others up in our online interactions, we will see a reduction in cyberbullying, revenge porn and sexual exploitation online,” said EIE President Donna Rice Hughes. “As we unite through kindness, follow the Golden Rule and practice loving our neighbors in real and tangible ways, we can create a positive culture-shift in the digital world we all share.”

study released by Common Sense media revealed that on a given day, teens spend an average of 9 hours a day using media for their enjoyment. Nearly 34% of students between the ages of 12 and 17 report being victims of cyberbullying in their lifetime. Further, a study by McAfee, found that 87% of teens have observed cyberbullying. Random Posts of Kindness allows for all digital citizens to utilize social media in a productive and impactful way.

“By checking differences at the door and taking the high road, we can build bridges of peace and reconciliation. Join us in spreading the love!” said Hughes.

EIE will continue to promote the campaign throughout the year during specific events and awareness months.

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