National Millennial Community joins the HackerAgency to Create PSAs to Bring Awareness to Cyberbullying

To bring awareness to the growing number of suicides among young teens and the devastating effects of cyberbullying, the National Millennial Community – a nationwide millennial movement founded by IW Group Inc.– has joined HackerAgency, a global digital/direct marketing agency, to create a series of public service announcements addressing this major mental health issue.


Suicide is the number three killer of teens; twenty percent of adolescents who are bullied online contemplate suicide, and about 1 in 10 attempt suicide, according to research done by CyberbullyHotline.

“Millennials recognize that we are in a strong position to reduce cyberbullying nationally;” says Justin Limasa of the University of Hawaii. “When I read some of the actual posts by teens who were victimized by cyberbullies, I was devastated and knew I had to help.”

The National Millennial Community partnered with the HackerAgency, to produce the PSAs which incorporate actual suicide letters composed by teens and young adults. None of the individuals featured are actors, but have volunteered their time to heighten awareness of cyberbullying.

Spyro Kourtis, HackerAgency CEO stated, “Our experience in the digital space provides an intimate lens into the importance of instilling digital responsibility in our youth. We are proud to do our part to help millennials understand the impact of cyberbullying and what they can do to find their voice and be part of preventing it.”


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