FCB Inferno team up with Limb Art to create a range of fashion covers for prosthetics

FCB Inferno has partnered up with award-winning UK company Limb Art, a British design and manufacturing company dedicated to producing stylish prosthetic leg covers. Limb-Art was founded by former Paralympic swimmer and medalist Mark Williams and his wife, Rachael.

Designed for those with either above and below knee prostheses, LIMB-Art leg covers combine superior quality material and construction with cutting edge design and technology to provide robust, affordable and above all cool designs to help those with disabilities feel proud of their prosthetics.

Junior Creative Amy Bland initially approached the company after finding them on Instagram and soon spotted an opportunity to expand and elevate the current range of custom prosthetic covers to appeal to a broader audience, particularly women.

The FCB Inferno project team, led by Amy and Joint head of Design, Sarni Strachan, started to explore more designs that felt strong and confident, up to date with the latest fashion trends and would appeal to all types of women.

They landed on a series of modern prints that matched the ‘stand out, stand proud’ ethos the brand embodies. These designs were then shared to the brand Instagram and Facebook pages, and the followers voted for their top two to go into production. These were a modern black and white line illustration design and one with radiant glass that reflects the light when moving.

Amy Bland, Junior creative at FCB Inferno said: “My favourite type of work is when problem-solving and doing something that makes a difference merges to create something amazing – that’s the whole reason I wanted to join FCB.  When it comes to disability, there is a misconception that you should hide your differences, but limb-art stands against this and creates designs that mean people can feel empowered and confident, and I’m so pleased to be involved in the project.”

Founder & CEO of Limb-art Mark Williams said: “LIMB-art was born out of an overwhelming desire to help other prosthetic users raise their confidence, be proud of what they have and have fun showing off whilst doing so! The reaction to the new designs has been amazing and really helps us push forwards and break down the barriers of disability whilst massively raising the confidence of the wearer.”

Owen Lee, CCO at FCB Inferno said: “Design and fashion are such important ways of expressing ourselves.  It’s hugely rewarding to see our young talent using their creativity to benefit such an amazing business. It’s innovations like this that make the world a much brighter and more interesting world to live in.”

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