Free Mental Health Services Expanded for Refugee/Immigrant Support

Give an Hour – the lead organization for the Campaign to Change Direction and national nonprofit providing pro-bono mental health services – announced today that it is opening its network of providers to support those affected by the humanitarian crisis developing at the U.S. border.

Give an Hour currently consists of approximately 7,000 mental health professionals, providing free and confidential mental health care to those in need; to-date, they have donated around 250,000 hours of free care, valued at more than $25 million. Since its founding in 2005, the organization has consistently expanded its efforts to address the mental health needs of communities affected by national tragedies and traumas – such as the communities at the U.S. border and across the country, where families and children are being held.

“We have been following the news regarding immigrants and refugees every step of the way, watching families being separated and displaced at and beyond the U.S. border,” said Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen, Founder and President of Give an Hour. “Studies show familial separation has both immediate and lasting psychological effects, and our providers are distinctly qualified to assist anyone who needs help in these trying times and during the coming weeks and months.”

To best help the communities supporting those enduring this crisis, Give an Hour is seeking licensed mental health professionals interested in assisting these displaced children and families – as well as the community organizations that are supporting them. Give an Hour is especially in need of Spanish-speaking providers located in U.S. border states, but are also aware that children and families have been moved to facilities in many states across the country. Mental health professionals around the country are being asked to join the network in the event that their services are needed.

Give an Hour has the capacity to help those who are experiencing grief, loss and anxiety, and wants to do its part. By harnessing the skills and generosity of citizens across our nation and around the world, they can provide those in need with help and hope – offering those who care the opportunity to give.



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