Full Fat offers free communications campaigns for selected UK charities

Full Fat commits to an annual pro bono budget to provide communication and digital campaigns for charities supporting racial, sexual, gender, ability and social equality. 

Following on from our pledge in June and as part of Full Fat’s Diversity and Inclusion policy, today we are able to announce the agency’s annual commitment to charitable organisations, pro bono.

We are investing up to £2,500 per month, equating to a potential £30,000 investment throughout the year. Full Fat will work with one charitable business at a time, with each business eligible for up to three months campaign work, whether that be messaging, profiling, social media strategy or counsel, coverage generation or opening up our network for good.

We are thrilled to launch this initiative with a three-month campaign to support Compliments of The House; a brilliant food re-distribution charity based in South London founded by Sinéad Browne that collects fresh, surplus food and gives it to people in need. 


We would like to invite charities supporting racial, sexual, gender, ability and social equality to come forward with projects that they would like our services and help. Applications will open quarterly, with Full Fat’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee reviewing all and selecting the applications.

Applications are now open for works in December 2020, January and February 2021. Applications will close on 18th September, with all notified by 30th October and the successful applicant/s to begin work from 1st December. 

To apply: 

  • ⁣Entrants must be a registered charitable organisation

  • Must be in support of racial, sexual, gender, ability and social equality

  • Business plan ready⁣

  • Operating within the UK

  • If you are unsuccessful in the first application, you can apply again in subsequent applications

For any questions, please contact hello@wearefullfat.com


September – November 2020

  • Compliments of The House

December 2020 – February 2021

  • Applications open – now

  • Application close – 18th September

  • Applications reviewed

  • Applications notified – 30th October  

  • Successful applicants strategy & scope of work planned – November

  • Pro bono work begins – 1st December 2020 – 28th February 2021

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