Givsly Launches Good Advertising to Enable Publishers and Brands to Turn Social and Environmental Goals Into Action

Givsly, the purpose-led advertising and marketing company, recently announced the launch of its Good Advertising solution that gives advertisers a competitive edge by breaking through in a cluttered landscape and driving real engagement – all while doing good for society. Big Happy, MobileFuse, Teads and Undertone signed on as the first users during its beta phase. Good Advertising employs a variety of formats to make it easy for advertisers to leverage across their ads – whether it’s video, content or social, when a consumer engages with an ad through a specified action, it triggers a charitable donation. Good Advertising delivers higher overall campaign performance, while also growing customer loyalty. Givsly is currently partnered with over 300 charitable organizations including the American Cancer Society, DonorsChoose, charity: water and more. 

The industry is moving towards advertising with purpose. In April, Givsly did a study that identified the top two areas that marketers and advertisers identified as opportunities to drive positive community: leveraging company influence and using advertising to give back. For a long time, consumers have been used to eCommerce companies giving back at check-out, but now it doesn’t have to be restricted to the end purchase – giving back can be leveraged at the top of the funnel to drive consumers towards purchase. Campaigns with purpose also deliver better performance – campaigns leveraging Good Advertising are seeing an average 20-50% increase in click-through rate (CTR) and 13% receive a secondary action following the click. 

“As our guests’ societal and environmental expectations for brands rise, advertisers have an opportunity to differentiate themselves in a crowded market by putting their own values into action through donations that reward consumers for their valuable time and attention,” said Travis Freeman, SVP, Head of Media and Demand Generation at Inspire Brands. “Givsly not only makes it easy to incorporate these donations into everyday ad campaigns, but also makes it easy to see how giving back to our community is directly tied to business performance lift.”

Givsly’s Good Advertising can be easily integrated into preferred ad formats on video, connected TV (CTV), traditional/rich media display and social media. To assist in driving impact easily, Givsly assists ad tech clients in finding an aligned non-profit organization and getting approvals. Givsly also provides easy payment tools that deliver donations directly to the charitable organization to save advertisers time. In addition to cause-marketing and general ad campaigns, Good Advertising can also be leveraged when advertising alongside sensitive content by adding a social good message so advertisers can support news topics that need to be covered while being sensitive. 

“Advertising that gives back is the future, and we make it easy for anyone in the ecosystem – publishers, ad networks, agencies and brands – to incorporate giving back and to seamlessly align their values into their ad creative,” said Chad Hickey, Founder and CEO, Givsly. “As cause-related campaigns grow, we want to ensure there is no friction in the process so advertisers can seamlessly integrate this into their overall strategy.” 

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