Global Alliance Opens African Office in Kenya

Global Alliance President, Justin Green inaugurated the Africa Region office in Nairobi, Kenya in a ceremony attended by Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK) officials and the Chair of the Africa Regional Council, Mr. Peter Mutie. The Nairobi office will provide liaison and communication support for the various Global Alliance activities and programmes undertaken in Africa.

The president welcomed this partnership with PRSK, saying that Global Alliance was committed to getting closer to its global membership by devolving activities and linkages in all corners of the globe. “With PRSK providing hub services for the continent, I am confident that Global Alliance will have a better reach in Africa,” said President Green. He noted that Kenya was a founder member of Global Alliance and PRSK continues to actively engage in Global Alliance programmes. “I am therefore delighted that PRSK, and indeed Africa in general continues to be an integral part of the Global Alliance family,” added the President.

Mr. Peter Mutie, the Chair of the Global Alliance Africa Regional Council, supported the president in this event. While commenting on this novel partnership, Mr. Mutie said that the PR profession in Africa was growing in leaps and bounds. He said that the continent was moving towards creating legislative tools that will fortify the profession. “For instance, here in Kenya, the Public Relations and Communication Management Policy and the Institute of Public Relations and Communication Management Bill are key milestones toward truly professionalizing Public Relations. Zambia PR Association (ZAPRA) is taking a similar direction while Nigeria already has a law that governs the PR Profession,” he added.

Arik Karani, representing the PRSK President was upbeat about this partnership. He said that PRSK, and indeed Kenya was grateful to take up the Global Alliance Hub services. “On behalf of our colleagues Kenya and in Africa, PRSK appreciates and thanks Global Alliance for this new partnership that will no doubt enhance members value,” said Arik. During this function, the Global Alliance president was honoured with PRSK’s Award for Excellent Leadership in 2021.

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