Greenpeace chooses Cookies&Partners for its global campaign to address big Corps against plastic pollution

With its new report, Greenpeace reveals how big food&beverage multinationals, with their single-use plastic products, are the real responsible for the huge environmental crisis due to plastic pollution, because they promote a lifestyle based on disposable consumption, without offering any alternative other than asking consumers to recycle.

Recycling is though not enough. The report launched today by Greenpeace “A Crisis of Convenience: The corporations behind the plastics pollution pandemic”, shows, among other shocking data, that only 9% of globally produced plastic has been properly recycled, whilst the rest has been burned or released into the environment, polluting soil, air and oceans.

If multinationals won’t turn the tide now, pollution will only get worst.

It’s an horror movie we’d never want to become true.

From there the 60” trailer created by Cookies & Partners and Greenpeace Italy to launch the report, which will be distributed globally among the 55 countries where the environmental organization is:

“Standing again by Greenpeace, this time with a global challenge, is a big honour for us. We do hope that the brands the report speaks up to will answer Greenpeace’s call and will break the world free from plastic.”Says Francesca Mudanò, C&P Executive Partner and Creative Director.

Together with the video, the agency has created a global editorial plan to ask everybody to sign the petition:


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