ICO joins global data protection and privacy enforcement programme

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has signed onto a new international multilateral agreement with the Global Cooperation Arrangement for Privacy Enforcement (Global CAPE) to cooperate in cross-border data protection and privacy enforcement.

As part of the Global CAPE, the ICO will be able to provide assistance with investigations and share information with member countries without having to enter separate memorandums of understanding with each nation.

Global CAPE members include the United States, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, and Chinese Taipei.

“The ICO’s association with the Global CAPE is an important step in strengthening our relationship with other countries so we can work together to tackle global data protection and privacy issues.

“Personal information of UK people often moves between countries, so it’s vital that we work with our key international partners to design solutions that safeguard people’s privacy wherever they are based.”
John Edwards, UK Information Commissioner

Global CAPE was created to supplement the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation Cross-border Privacy Rules (APEC CBPR), which also facilitates cooperation and assistance in privacy and data security investigations among APEC’s Asian Pacific countries. The new arrangement allows for participation by countries outside the Asia Pacific area.

For more information on the Global CAPE visit their website.

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