IFC Recognizes Emerging Market Financial Institutions for Climate Reporting

IFC has delivered this year’s Climate Assessment for Financial Institutions (CAFI) Awards for Climate Reporting, recognizing financial institutions lending in emerging markets that use the CAFI tool to assess the climate eligibility and measure the climate impact of their investments. The CAFI Awards acknowledge IFC financial sector clients’ investments going into climate activities and the responsibility shown to report on their climate commitments. This recognition is based on climate finance transactions recorded in the CAFI tool and deemed eligible by IFC. 

To date, IFC clients have used CAFI to report more than $9.9 billion of climate loans disbursed; annual avoidance of more than 24.7 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions; 41.4 terawatt hours of renewable energy generated; 2.4 million square meters of green area built; and 2.3 million cubic meters of water saved. This reflects rapid growth in the use of CAFI in recent years, and the growing importance of climate reporting in the financial sector.  

“We are pleased to recognize our clients’ dedication and transparency in reporting their climate investments” said Tomasz Telma, Global Director, Financial Institution Group, IFC. “CAFI, is a critical platform for reporting progress in the fight against climate change by linking finance to impact which ensures that the financial services industry can measure and quantify the climate impact of their investments using transparent and globally recognized methodologies.” 

The global CAFI top performers are:  

  • Most Transactions Reported: Banco Santander, Brazil 
  • Highest Loan Amount Reported: Absa Bank, South Africa 
  • Most GHG Mitigated Due to Reported Loans: Aditya Birla Finance, India 
  • Best Achievement vs. Climate Targets: Banco Consorcio, Chile 

Top performers in each of IFC’s regions have also been recognized for addressing climate change by investing in and measuring the impact of their climate projects. 

Regional Award Winners: 

Africa  Award  Country 
Absa Bank  Highest Loan Amount Reported  South Africa 
Nedbank LTD  Most GHG Mitigated  South Africa 
Access Bank PLC  Best Achievement vs. Climate Targets  Nigeria 
East Asia and the Pacific     
OCB Vietnam  Most Transactions Reported  Vietnam 
OCB Vietnam  Highest Loan Amount Reported  Vietnam 
OCB Vietnam  Most GHG Mitigated  Vietnam 
VP Bank Vietnam  Best Achievement vs. Climate Targets  Vietnam 
Central Europe     
BT Leasing  Most Transactions Reported  Romania 
Banca Transilvania S.A.  Highest Loan Amount Reported  Romania 
Banca Transilvania S.A.  Most GHG Mitigated  Romania 
Santander Bank Polska  Best Achievement vs. Climate Targets  Poland 
Latin America and the Caribbean     
Santander Brazil  Most Transactions Reported  Brazil 
Santander Brazil  Highest Loan Amount Reported  Brazil 
BBVA Leasing  Most GHG Mitigated  Mexico 
Banco Consorcio  Best Achievement vs. Climate Targets  Chile 
Middle East and Central Asia     
Uzpromstroybank  Most Transactions Reported  Uzbekistan 
Uzpromstroybank  Highest Loan Amount Reported  Uzbekistan 
Uzpromstroybank  Most GHG Mitigated  Uzbekistan 
QNB Finansleasing  Best Achievement vs. Climate Targets  Türkiye 
South Asia     
CBC  Most Transactions Reported  Sri Lanka 
Federal Bank  Highest Loan Amount Reported  India 
Aditya Birla Finance  Most GHG Mitigated  India 
ONE Bank  Best Achievement vs. Climate Targets  Bangladesh 

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