Innovid Joins Ad Net Zero to Accelerate Climate & Sustainability Goals

Innovid, a leading software platform for the creation, delivery, measurement, and optimization of advertising across connected TV (CTV), linear TV, and digital, today announced it joined Ad Net Zero, a trade association focused exclusively on sustainability in the advertising industry. Innovid is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, prioritizing sustainability for all products and solutions, and working with others to help drive progress across advertising. 

Over the next year, Innovid will put the Ad Net Zero 5-Point Action Plan into practice to manage, reduce, and eliminate emissions. Committed to measuring its progress annually, Innovid will also participate in Ad Net Zero’s Leadership and Working Groups to accelerate action for the entire advertising industry.  

“On our journey to net-zero, Innovid is proactively identifying and acting on ways to reduce our environmental impact and embrace eco-friendly practices throughout our global offices – and joining Ad Net Zero underscores that commitment,” said Dani Cushion, CMO, Innovid. “Ad Net Zero is driving change by bringing our industry together to remove carbon emissions in advertising, and we are proud to be a part of it.” 

“To care about the environment is to act, and the time is now for advertising industry players to change the way they work and the work they make,” said John Osborn, U.S. Director, Ad Net Zero. “By collaborating with companies like Innovid to reduce carbon emissions from the development, production, and media placements of advertising, we will make a real difference in solving some of the biggest challenges facing our planet.” 

Joining Ad Net Zero comes on the heels of the launch of Innovid’s Harmony initiative, created to address some of the biggest challenges facing CTV advertising by optimizing at the infrastructure level. Along with improving efficiency, enhancing transparency and control, and increasing ROI, one of the initiative’s core pillars is reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability. 

As part of Innovid’s Harmony launch, it also released Harmony Direct, the first in a series of product innovations in the Harmony suite. Designed to streamline the CTV supply path to its purest form, Harmony Direct removes all of the delivery friction in guaranteed, non-biddable CTV media, enabling advertisers to utilize fewer platforms and servers and, in turn, reduce electricity usage and resources. 

To learn more about Innovid’s Social Responsibility action plan, including sustainability, DE&I, business ethics, and governance, visit

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