Jaden Smith adds to the A-Listers pouring Into Web Summit, to shine a light on tech’s solution to clean and sustainable water with his organisation, JUST water

Web Summit announced  this week that Jaden Smith, co-founder of  JUST water will join the 70,000 descending on Lisbon for Web Summit, now the world’s largest technology event,  this November 4-7.

Jaden Smith, singer, actor and activist will speak  alongside Gary White of Water.org, a company he co-founded with Matt Damon. The pair will address how technology, activism, and finance can solve some  of the world’s most pressing problems, such  as sustainable access  to clean  water in front of 15,000 people on Centre Stage.

Paul  O’Callaghan,  founding  CEO  of  BlueTech  Research will also  join the panel  to discuss  his documentary  Brave  Blue  World,  to be  released  this  Autumn  just  before Web  Summit.  The documentary features both Smith and Damon’s charitable organisations, JUST water and Water.org respectively.

We are honoured that Jaden Smith and Gary White have chosen Web Summit as a platform to draw attention  to their water organisations, which will be featured in the private screening of the Brave Blue World documentary,” said Paddy Cosgrave, CEO and co-founder of Web Summit.

The planet is facing detrimental problems that technology has the power to address. Web Summit established an environmental innovation track,  planet:tech, just over 3 years ago. Since then, we’ve seen the likes of Former US Vice President, Al Gore address the good that technology can do to protect the planet against climate change. We truly want Web Summit to be the place where innovators can connect around these issues to help solve the greatest crisis of our age.”

Web  Summit has welcomed activists such  as Shailene  Woodley,  Rosario  Dawson,  Eva Longoria, Leonardo DiCaprio  Foundation’s CEO Terry  Taminen,  and Former Vice President of The United States, Al Gore. Speakers at this year’s Web Summit addressing climate change  solutions include Kate Brandt, Chief Sustainability Officer  at Google; Anna Gedda,  Chief Sustainability Officer of H&M and Lise King, CEO at UN Global Compact.


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