Jungle Creations Reveals Earth Hour Video

Media owner and creative marketing agency, Jungle Creations, has released a new social video entitled ‘Shrinking Habitat’, which aims to raise awareness of some of the most important issues affecting our planet amongst a millennial audience. The video was released in partnership with WWF in the lead up to Earth Hour, the world’s largest event to protect the planet, which took place on Saturday 24 March.  

We trapped a man inside for a week ?

This is horrible ? Please make a small promise for the planet here: bit.ly/promise-for-the-planet

Gepostet von WWF's Earth Hour – United Kingdom am Mittwoch, 21. März 2018

Shot in the style of a video-diary and accompanied by facts about the destruction of our planet, the viewer follows YouTuber, Francis Haugen, for six days as he is confronted with a series of obstacles such as extreme temperatures, limited food supply and plastic waste overwhelming the apartment he is living in. The problems Haugen is faced with during his time in the apartment represent some of the biggest issues our planet is facing, including climate change, habitat loss, and pollution.

Haugen’s experience in the apartment draws attention to the impact we are all having on the planet in a new and fascinating way. The film aims to put young people in the picture and compel them to take action as part of this year’s Earth Hour.

Earth Hour, took place for 60 minutes at 8:30pm on Saturday 24 March, is the world’s largest show of support for our planet. People are getting involved by making a #PromiseForThePlanet, a pledge to take one step in their own lives to reduce their environmental footprint. The promises include saying no to plastic cutlery, washing at 30 degrees and cutting down on the amount of meat we eat. They have been specifically chosen as examples of small behaviour changes people can make that collectively will have a big impact.

Henry Hitchcox, Chief Creative Officer at Jungle Creations, said: “The destruction and pollution of habitats is a complex issue, so the aim of this film was to make the problem as relatable and engaging as possible for a millennial audience. We hope this piece encourages viewers to think about the environmental impact that their daily habits have, and in doing so, inspire them to make a promise for the planet this Earth Hour.”





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