Kellogg Company launches 10th annual Diversity & Inclusion Report

Kellogg Company is proud to launch its annual Diversity & Inclusion Report, titled Features. The report highlights the company’s many Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) accomplishments and goals over the past year.

This marks a decade of D&I reports, and more than 10 decades of the company’s focus on diversity, dating back to its founder W.K. Kellogg – a pioneer in employing women in the workplace and reaching across cultural boundaries. 

Features celebrates the many ways our inclusive culture is nourishing the world, in every way possible,” said Priscilla Koranteng, Vice President, Global Talent & Chief Diversity Officer. “We know that fostering a diverse workforce and supplier base is the right thing to do, and it creates a real competitive advantage for us.”

The report includes many stories from Kellogg facilities around the world, showcasing employees from its eight Business/Employee Resource Groups, as well as local and regional organizations that collaborate with Kellogg to advance D&I in the marketplace and communities it serves. One such story includes an example from Latin America where the team implemented KUBIC LA, an online brainstorming game, that fosters collaboration and diverse thinking to surface the best ideas on cost-saving measures.

“Our diverse workforce will help Kellogg bring our Deploy for Growth Strategy to life,” said Koranteng. “When people feel a sense of belonging and empowerment, we can better meet our business goals and serve the needs of our consumers with fresh thinking, product innovations and quality brands.”

The 2019 Features report is available online at:

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