Localgiving to Match 6 Months of Donations in Grow Your Tenner 2018

Localgiving are set to launch their Grow Your Tenner 2018 match fund campaign, with the promise to match monthly donations made to local charities and community groups for a full 6 months.

This is the seventh consecutive year of Localgiving’s flagship Grow Your Tenner campaign. Since 2012, the campaign has raised close to £7 million for local charities and community groups across the UK.

Localgiving encourage all local groups to sign up and take part in Grow Your Tenner 2018. Groups can join Localgiving here: http://join.localgiving.org/

Grow Your Tenner 2018 will start on 11th December 2018 at 10am and will run until the match funding runs out (or 10th January 2019 – whichever comes first). The 2018 match fund pot is £100,000 and all Localgiving members are eligible to take part. During the campaign each Localgiving member can access a maximum of £5,000 in match funding.

Grow Your Tenner 2018 places a special emphasis on encouraging people to become long term supporters of their local charities.

At present just 47% of local groups are confident that they will survive beyond 5 years; with 49% uncertain about how they will access the unrestricted funding required to cover their core costs such as salaries, training and rent.

This campaign has been designed to help groups bring in unrestricted funding on an ongoing basis, with the aim of addressing this funding shortfall.

Monthly donations set up during the campaign will be matched by up to £10 for 6 months. The matching will take place after the first 6 donations, and be applied to the following 6 donations. Over a year, a donor who sets up a monthly direct debit of £10 will provide over £200 (including Gift Aid) to their chosen cause.

Localgiving specialise in supporting local charities to reach their online fundraising potential. The platform has over 2,600 members throughout the UK ranging from disability groups to arts projects, foodbanks to football clubs.

Chris Dormer, Head of Business Development at Localgiving, said:

Local charities and community groups provide essential support for the most vulnerable people in society and we want this campaign to help celebrate and secure long-term support for these valuable organisations.

Sadly, local organisations have been disproportionately affected by local authority cuts, with demand for their services rising year on year and funding becoming even harder to access.

Our annual Grow Your Tenner campaign, now in its seventh year, is specifically designed to help groups bring in the unrestricted funding they need to stay afloat and continue providing their life-changing work.”

Grow Your Tenner 2017 raised over £670,000 for nearly 1,000 local charities and community groups, helping them to provide better support for their communities.

 “It’s an amazing opportunity…we raised more through Grow Your Tenner than our last major fundraising event and you cannot compare the effort involved! Not only does it raise funds but Grow Your Tenner is another way of getting new contacts and new long term supporters. We are so lucky to be part of it!”  – Journey to Justice

“Grow Your Tenner has been fantastic, allowing us to double our donations at an important time in our fundraising calendar!”  – St. Petroc’s Society

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