Mind believe lasting effects of trauma, loss and severe financial pressures from pandemic will be felt by millions

Crowdfunder are hosting a collaborative national #MentalHealthMatters campaign to help mental health charities and organisations across the U.K. to increase public awareness of the growing mental health crisis, exacerbated by the pandemic. The campaign aims to raise vital funds to continue to deliver their critical services at a time when they are most in demand.

As the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold, there has been a dramatic increase in demand for mental health services with the mental health charity Mind commenting that ‘The lasting effects of trauma, loss and severe financial pressures will be felt by millions’.

It is this increased demand that has brought over 84 mental health charities and organisations together on the Crowdfunder #MentalHealthMatters campaign page. The crowd of mental health supporters that are backing the organisations involved in the campaign has grown to over 2,300, and have so far raised over £122k.

The Crowdfunder campaign is working alongside SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) in Scotland and Inspire in Northern Ireland and Mind’s network of local Minds across England and Wales. These charities provide mental health information, support, and services, as well as campaign for the rights of people with mental health problems in the heart of their local communities. With research showing an increasing number of people seeing their mental health negatively affected during the pandemic, there has never been a more important time to support and protect the mental health of the nation, which is why additional funds are needed to ensure people can get the support they need.

Amy Franklin, Associate Director of Networks at Mind stated:

“As lockdown eases, we’re becoming more aware of the long-lasting impact that the pandemic has had on our mental health. Many of us are experiencing problems for the first time and those of us who were already struggling are finding things even harder. The lasting effects of trauma, loss and severe financial pressures will be felt by millions.

“Local Minds in communities across England and Wales have made a real difference throughout the pandemic as they respond to the growing mental health emergency. We are immensely proud of how they have adapted to continue providing life-changing support over this difficult period.

“Local Minds have never felt more relevant or more needed. That’s why Mind is getting behind Crowdfunder’s #MentalHealthMatters campaign, encouraging the public to support mental health organisations in their local communities to respond to the demands the pandemic has placed on services. Please consider joining Mind’s fight for mental health and donating to Mind in your local area by visiting Crowdfunder.”

Jo Anderson, Director of External Affairs at SAMH, commented:

“We are delighted to be part of Crowdfunder’s Mental Health Matters campaign. It’s clear that supporting the mental health and wellbeing of people across the nation has never been more important or more needed. It’s only with the generous donations of our supporters that we are able to continue to deliver crucial services in these most difficult times. We appreciate and thank all those joining us in standing up for Scotland’s mental health.”

Jenna Booth, Assistant Director of Insight, Engagement and Innovation at Inspire, said:

As Lockdown eases and we begin to talk about how society moves towards recovery, it is vitally important, we pay attention to the mental health and wellbeing of everyone across the country. This is why Inspire are very pleased to be part of Crowfunder’s Mental Health Matters campaign, raising funds and awareness for our services.”

In addition to these cornerstone charities, there are over 10 other national charities/organisations which supporters can choose to back, or for those who prefer to support local, there are more than 50 local and regional mental health charities/organisations also taking part in the campaign.

The charities  and organisations taking part are based in all corners of the UK; from a project in Penderyn in Wales, across to Suffolk Mind in the East, up to Aberdeenshire in Scotland and down to Dorset in the South.

Not only are the organisations spread out geographically, the topics they cover are broad reaching too. There are projects which help to support mental health through food, fitness, art and creativity, summer camps, childrens books, gardening, wellbeing centres, community groups, animals, counselling, music and digital resources and more.

Mental Health affects us all and the range of projects in the #MentalHealthMatters campaign represents this. There are projects to help children, young adults, men and women, the older generation, those with disabililties, people at risk from domestic violence or living with PTSD, the bereaved, the LGBTQ community, creatives and survivors of human trafficking.

Duncan Parker, Charity and Philanthropy Director, Crowdfunder UK, commented:

“The dramatic rise in mental health issues across the nation as a result of the pandemic is deeply concerning. It’s therefore wonderful to see such a wide range of mental health organisations and charities coming together on Crowdfunder’s #MentalHealthMatters campaign to raise awareness and funds to help people who are suffering across the UK.

Crowdfunder helps to solve society’s challenges through collective fundraising and it is vital that we help these organisations to get the funding they need to deliver their critical services.

If you are in a position to support the campaign please don’t be shy! Crowdfunder are not charging a platform fee which means the money you give goes directly to your chosen cause. Mental Health Awareness Week is the perfect time to come together to shine a light on the mental health crisis the UK is facing.”

#MentalHealthMatters now more than ever! Please support your local mental health charity or organisation through this one of a kind national Crowdfunder Campaign that brings together over 60 charities / organisations who are eager to help address the UK’s mental health crisis.

Join the campaign here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/mental-health-matters

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