PatientPoint, NoStigmas Team Up on Waiting Room Campaign to Increase Mental Health Awareness

PatientPoint® and peer-to-peer mental health support network NoStigmas® today announced a partnership designed to help address mental health stigmas—beginning at the doctor’s office. By delivering a unique combination of compelling educational content and patient testimonials in more than 4,500 primary care waiting rooms nationwide, the two organizations hope to increase understanding and reduce stigmas surrounding mental illness.

While mental illness is one of the most common health conditions in the U.S., only about 20 percent of American adults have sought treatment for a diagnosed or self-reported mental health condition within the last year. Research suggests that the embarrassment and shame that can be associated with seeking help is largely responsible for keeping many from seeking necessary treatment.

NoStigmas was founded to eliminate stigmas surrounding mental health treatment and to support the creation of peer support mental health online communities everywhere.

“NoStigmas is designed to be a place where people can connect, share their story and learn about mental health without feeling alone or ashamed,” said NoStigmas Founder Jacob Moore. “By partnering with PatientPoint, we can further extend our message and work together to eliminate the days of silence, solitude and stigmas surrounding mental illness and suicide.”

In each primary care waiting room featuring the PatientPoint-NoStigmas campaign, NoStigmas testimonials from real people living and thriving with mental illness will air in conjunction with relevant PatientPoint educational segments about topics like depression, anxiety and suicide awareness.

PatientPoint also offers comprehensive depression education on its interactive exam room touchscreens. The touchscreen content includes dynamic videos, 3D anatomicals and other multimedia learning tools designed to help patients better understand depression, support patient-physician discussions and reinforce key steps for treatment compliance.

“PatientPoint and NoStigmas share a passion for not only educating patients, but more importantly reassuring them that they’re not alone in their health journey,” said PatientPoint Senior Vice President of Content & Creative Kate Merz. “Through our partnership with NoStigmas, we look forward to connecting patients and families with this remarkable organization at the powerful point of care.”

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