PR and Communications Census 2018: “too many people still fail to embrace rigorous evaluation methods”

The PRCA has stated that “too many people still fail to embrace rigorous evaluation methods” after the PR and Communications Census 2018 revealed slow but positive progress.

The Census revealed that the Barcelona Principles 2.0 are the preferred evaluation method, with 24% of PR and communications professionals using this evaluation method, a slight increase from 2016, when 23% of professionals were using this method.

12% of PR and communications practitioners still use AVEs, although this has decreased from 16% since 2016.

Over 33% of respondents said they did not use any evaluations methods at all.

Barry Leggetter, CEO, AMEC, the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication, said:

“The Census gives us further proof that PR professionals are taking measurement and evaluation seriously by another year on year drop in the use of AVEs. Thank you to the PRCA for partnering with us on our education efforts to put measurement firmly on the PR and communications professional’s agenda.”

Francis Ingham MPRCA, Director General, PRCA said:

“Though fewer and fewer every year, too many people still fail to embrace rigorous evaluation methods. Until we prove the value of what we do, we will never receive the respect – or earn the money – that we should. And until we do that, we will struggle to recruit and retain the very brightest of talent.

“AMEC has done some great work in raising awareness about the importance of rigorous evaluation methods such as the Barcelona Principles 2.0, and we will continue working with them to reinforce this message to the industry.”


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