PRCA and PRWeek relaunch Fast Track mentoring programme across UK, MENA, and Southeast Asia

The PRCA and PRWeek are pleased to announce that they are launching the 2018/19 Fast Track mentoring programme, now available across the UK, MENA, and Southeast Asia.

Fast Track is aimed at inspiring the next generation of PR and communications leaders to build their expertise and develop as professionals.

Fast Track is available to junior and senior practitioners alike. It is available to agency, in-house, and freelance practitioners, and is completely free of charge. The PRCA is running the programme in the UK; in the Middle East and Northern Africa, through PRCA MENA; and in Southeast Asia, through PRCA Southeast Asia. Fast Track is only available to PRCA members.

Francis Ingham MPRCA, Director General, PRCA, said: “The Fast Track mentoring programme has gone from strength to strength since we launched it. We are now aiming to support practitioners at every level of the industry, be they in the UK, MENA or Southeast Asia, and from a diverse range of backgrounds. Mentoring is a fantastic way of passing on the expertise and knowledge held within the industry, so it would be great to make this the most subscribed programme we’ve ever had.”

The Taylor Bennett Foundation has partnered with Fast Track, a charity that has been set up to tackle the lack of ethnic diversity in PR and communications, which is also a key focus for the PRCA’s campaigning. Alumni of their training programme have been invited to take part, in order to maximise Fast Track’s impact within BME practitioners.

If you, or a member of your team, feel as though they would benefit from being mentored and are a PRCA member based in the UK, MENA or Southeast Asia, please contact, outlining:

  • – Your biography and current working situation
  • – Your professional goals
  • – What you are looking to get out of mentoring
  • – What professional skills you would like to develop
  • – What soft skills you would like to develop

In addition, if you would like to be a mentor, then you can also contact Itty on the email address above with your full biography.

Each structured mentoring placement will last for a period of six months, and will start with a face to face meeting between the mentor and mentee. It will then be followed by monthly meetings, or calls, or Skype. It is expected that each mentor/mentee pair will meet or talk six times over the six months.

When booking any PRCA face-to-face training courses, all mentees in Fast Track can get 10% off the course and a free webinar. 

Every mentorship meeting is worth 15 points in the PRCA CPD Scheme to the mentee, with a maximum of 40 points in total that can be gained from being mentored.

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