PRCA supports the new ‘Gems in Comms’ podcast series

The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the upcoming ‘Gems in Comms’ podcast series by 9to5workrebels, set to launch on September 5th. Focused on the experiences of diverse talent in the UK PR and Communications industry, this series offers valuable insights into a field that has been predominantly white at 91%.

Hosted by Ebony Gayle, an independent consultant with extensive PR and communications experience, the series delves into the real-life stories of people of colour working in the field addressing topics like career journeys, workplace equity, and inclusion. The podcast aims to provide unique perspectives and meaningful insights for those striving to create inclusive environments.

The podcast boasts an impressive guest lineup, including Barbara Phillips, PRCA Race and Ethnicity Board (REEB) Chair, Kevin Leonce of Togethr, Ann Marie Blake of True, Nicola Millington of FP comms, Bemi Idowi of Talking Drum Communications, and more.

Ebony initiated the series to showcase the achievements and stories of people of colour in the industry. The podcast not only highlights their successes but also promotes cultural awareness for a more cohesive work environment.

‘Gems in Comms’ podcast host, Ebony Gayle, said:

“I’m passionate about magnifying marginalised voices, closing gaps, and highlighting the brilliance of industry talents from diverse backgrounds. I am Immensely grateful for the PRCA Race Ethnicity and Equity Board’s support and the work they do to challenge norms and help to drive change in PR. The ‘Gems in Comms’ special series of the 9to5workrebels podcast aims to amplify diverse voices, foster understanding, and celebrate diversity, all in pursuit of a more equitable and inclusive future.”

PRCA Managing Director, Renna Markson, said:

“Endorsed by our Race and Ethnicity Equity Board (REEB), we are proud to support the ‘Gems in Comms’ podcast series by 9to5workrebels.This alliance exemplifies our commitment to amplifying diverse voices within the PR and communications industry, fostering inclusivity, and promoting meaningful dialogues.”

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