Premera Blue Cross and Copacino Fujikado launch campaign to highlight the importance of quality healthcare coverage for workers

Premera Blue Cross have launched a new creative campaign in partnership with Seattle-based agency Copacino Fujikado that highlights the importance of quality healthcare coverage for workers. Healthcare coverage has become more important than ever before as COVID-19 maintains its stronghold. This reality, coupled with the virus’ economic impact, has prompted benefit managers to take a hard look at every expense without compromising their employees’ well-beings. 

According to a new study from Premera, many employees have put increased value on healthcare, with one in five respondents saying they’d consider leaving their current job for one with better healthcare benefits. For its latest campaign, the brand leans into that insight to highlight the importance of employers taking care of these hard workers.

The campaign, “A Health Plan that Works Harder” speaks directly to decision makers and stresses how hard their employees have worked, especially given the brand’s insight that 44% of employees across Washington State say they’re working harder now than prior to COVID-19. It highlights how employees go above and beyond – and how, by offering Premera, employers can provide a healthcare plan that works just as hard. 

The first spot, ‘Presentation,’ opens with a woman nearing the end of a sales pitch. After asking for feedback, it is revealed that she is at home diligently rehearsing for an upcoming presentation with only her dog as the audience, showcasing her dedication and commitment to her work. The second spot, ‘Lost Item,’ shows a man carrying a pineapple in an apron and mask running down the street with the speed and agility of a football player. Upon reaching a car stopped at the stoplight, he pauses to take a breath and passes over the pineapple to the pleasantly surprised driver. The viewer then realizes that the man is a grocery worker quite literally going the extra mile to catch up with a shopper who has forgotten an item.  

In keeping with their purpose of improving customers’ lives by making healthcare work better, Premera continues to make changes that provide better access to care for their members, including covering the costs of testing and treatment related to COVID-19 and expanding telehealth benefits so customers can receive care without leaving the house.


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