‘Prioritise data privacy’ – CIPR #AIinPR Panel responds to AI and Public Standards Review

The CIPR’s Artificial Intelligence (#AIinPR) Panel has called on government to prioritise data privacy, claiming it is vital that the public are made aware of how their data can be used to power AI-enabled services.

In a written response to the Committee on Standards in Public Life’s AI and Public Standards Review, the panel urged government to adopt a best practice approach to data privacy by ensuring all public sector contracts were only awarded to businesses that meet public standards on data and artificial intelligence

The Panel believes these standards must cover:

  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Ethics
  • Fairness
  • Accountability
  • Leadership

The report states:

As the private sector is likely to be involved in the provision and delivery of public services where data and artificial intelligence is incorporated, the CIPR AIinPR panel strongly recommends the UK Government’s Artificial Intelligence and Public Standards applies to all private organisations/services and individuals providing data and/or AI consultancy, actual technologies, all or in part, and deployment.

We recommend the UK Government goes further and ask for a firm commitment that as part of all UK Government/public agency contracts awarded to provide data and artificial intelligence consultancy, technology solutions and deployment programmes – all private individuals, companies and groups must sign the Public Standards on Data and Artificial Intelligence as part of the conditions for legal contracts. This will provide the public with the assurances they rightly require on ethical use and decisions being made on their data and service provision.

This will also help support the upholding of trust by the public that UK Government Public Services are acting in the public interest and not causing any untoward harm to individuals, groups or society as a whole by not including the private sector in the UK Public Standards on Artificial Intelligence.

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