Rabbits released across social media to help #EndTheCageAge

Last week Compassion in World Farming launched a series of innovative images, GIF’s and memes across social media, to raise awareness of our ongoing campaign to End the Cage Age for rabbits throughout the EU.

The digital content was produced exclusively for them by creative influencer Sam Cadman, who is best known for his alternative productions, including cult show Trigger Happy TV.

“Compassion are a fantastic organisation working tirelessly to share a message that all of us can sympathise with,” said Sam “Social media is a powerful way to reach a wider audience and I’ve enjoyed working with the team to create this accessible and attention-grabbing collection of digital content. It really is time to #EndTheCageAge and with this campaign people can take action right now, with a single tap”.

Emoji first for charity

In a first for social media and charity campaigning, the novel assets display popular emoji’s over shocking images showing the suffering thousands of rabbits have to endure in factory farms across the EU. In contrast there are also lighter hearted films depicting the joy that rabbits feel when they are free from the confines of a cage and able to express their natural behaviours.

Rabbits are the most caged farm animal in Europe, with 99% of them confined in cages – unable to hop, skip and jump or sometimes even to stretch.

Sean Gifford, the Compassion Head of Public Campaigns, said: “Factory farmed rabbits spend their entire miserable lives crammed into filthy wire-meshed, barren cages. We know that 82% of people across Europe support higher welfare standards for farm animals, yet hundreds of millions of rabbits are farmed inhumanely throughout the EU. This is cruelty on a colossal scale and needs to stop. We hope that shares of this powerful content on social media will help to raise awareness of the plight to Europe’s rabbits. It’s time to End the Cage Age!” 




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