Rush Group divert enough surplus fresh produce to provide 3 million meals

FareShare partner Rush Group have this month reached the milestone of providing 3 million meals for vulnerable families and individuals across the UK.

“To reach this milestone of 3 million meals reaffirms our decision to direct surplus fresh produce to Fareshare. It’s heartwarming to know our produce is having a meaningful impact on the lives of many. We are proud to play our part. Fareshare’s Surplus for Purpose fund and their supportive team have been instrumental in making this possible 

“The partnership has inspired us to go a step further in finding innovative ways to  minimise food waste and put surplus veg to work across the entirety of our supply chain. In VegRebels, we have developed an exciting range of branded products made from surplus produce which we aim to bring to market by early 2022

“By reaching this milestone with Fareshare, we are committed to utilising every opportunity possible to reduce global food waste and food poverty in the UK.

“#VegRebels! Join the rebellion”

Guy Burgoyne, Director at Rush Group

They have been providing vital fresh produce to charities and community groups through their partnership with FareShare since 2019, diverting a regular supply of surplus or off-specification vegetables including potatoes, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes.

By working with FareShare to ensure their surplus, wonky, too big or too small, but always good-to-eat produce gets diverted away from waste and onto the charities and groups FareShare supports, they have found a great solution to maximise what they source, grow and pack.

By working with FareShare Rush Group are also reducing their carbon footprint. Every 1 tonne of food that FareShare UK redistributed in 2019/20, we prevented the waste of 1.6 tonnes of embedded CO2e.

Lindsay Boswell CEO of FareShare said:

“A big thank you to Rush Group and their farmers for working with FareShare to provide 3 million meals. Since 2019 you have provided the charities and community groups we support with regular deliveries of much needed nutritious surplus vegetables. We’re proud to partner with a company so committed to minimising waste within their supply chain, and excited about what the future holds.”

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