Samaritans of Singapore and TBWA/Singapore Launch New Suicide Prevention Campaign

As part of Suicide Prevention Awareness Week, TBWA\Singapore have partnered with Samaritans of Singapore to launch a campaign that utilises Instagram.

SOS State:

For some, the night is a haunting place, where they are left alone with their thoughts as the world around them goes to bed. Making them feel more alone than ever.

Over the past year, we’ve seen an increase in the number of calls made by teenagers into our helpline during midnight to 3am.

This year, we’re reaching out to Singaporeans from all walks of life to contribute a message of support to #ThroughTheNight. Turning a single hashtag into a platform of hope, where those in need can seek comfort and motivation through the words and craft of others.

The Campaign launched on September 10th , utilising the hashtag #ThroughTheNight. Singaporeans from different backgroundswill be invited to contribute a message of support to #ThroughTheNight on Instagram.

A spokesperson for SOS said: “Since 2015, SOS has invited the public to start conversations and to take the topic of suicide seriously. It’s time we form a more empathetic community by spreading hope to people going through their darkest times. We invite everyone to add their message of encouragement and join us in helping our youths and those around us get #ThroughTheNight.”

Gary Steele, executive creative director, TBWA\ Singapore said: “Helping our youths and those in need get #ThroughTheNight is a campaign that anyone can participate in, regardless of what we do or where we’re from. Just like previous campaigns, we believe that even simple actions can make a big impact on the topic of suicide. We hope everyone can join us in making a difference.”   

SOS has partnered with musicians, artists and youth influencers to engage the public on the issue of suicide, by hosting live sessions on their social channels from 10-16 September, at midnight to 3am. Several cafés and ice cream shops have also come on board to contribute to the campaign.

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