Save Mankind, new horror-style PSA on climate change from BBH NY

Halloween is a time for scary monsters, and this Halloween a new horror-style PSA by creative agency BBH NY reveals the only monster that we should truly be scared of: Mother Nature.

This 90-second film serves as a warning about the horrific effects of global warming if we push Mother Nature too far.

In the film, Mother Nature takes the form of a sick woman in a hospital bed, made ill by mankind’s destruction of the planet. But this only fuels her rage, unleashing massive wildfires, deadly storms, and severe drought. She ends by saying, “I suppose there’s still time to save your children, save your species, save mankind.”

The film was directed by BBH NY creative directors Dean Woodhouse and Hugo Bierschenk based on their deep concerns about global warming and its effects on mankind.

 Dean Woodhouse sais:

‘It’s not the planet that needs saving, it’s us. The future of mankind. That’s how monumental this issue is. If we continue to ignore it then the future of our existence looks pretty terrifying.’

It was developed with Grease Films and Slaughterhouse, the in-house production arm of BBH NY.

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