Sécurité Routière Unveils New Campaign, Tagline and Communication Strategy Under Umbrella of Appointed Agencies; Serviceplan France + Babel + Madame Bovary

Serviceplan France, Babel and Madame Bovary make up a triumvirate of agencies appointed by Sécurité Routière to conceive a striking new TV and radio campaign and communications strategy launching at the start of 2020.   

Sécurité Routière is revealing a new road safety awareness campaign for 2020 featuring 2 TV films and radio adverts. “On a tous le pouvoir de sauver une vie” (“We all have the power to save a life”) is the first campaign conceived by Sécurité Routière’s new agency pool, selected in August 2019, which brings together Babel + Madame Bovary + Serviceplan.

Sécurité Routière have introduced their new tagline “Vivre, ensemble” (“Living Together”), and the first campaign under that tagline features two 35” films titled ‘Léa’ and ‘Marc’. In the films the protagonists thank anonymous drivers who, as a consequence of observing the correct rules of the road, have prevented them from being involved in a fatal accident. The films are sensitively directed by Wilfrid Brimo out of Production company Grand Bazaar.

The new “Vivre, ensemble” tagline follows the anti-drink driving campaign launched at the end of 2019 and replaces the previous brand tagline “Tous responsables” (“All responsible”) which was introduced by Sécurité Routière back in 2008.  “Vivre, ensemble” invites French people to come together around a common ambition, which is obvious, benevolent and fraternal: “Living” (this is the very essence of Road Safety) “Together” (because each person will watch over the other in order to avoid accidents).

“On a tous le pouvoir de sauver une vie” (“We all have the power to save a life”) is the philosophy of the new campaign, which features several radio ads as well as the films “Léa” and “Marc”. Eight-year-old Léa thanks Yanis for resisting the temptation to pick up his phone whilst driving, thereby avoiding a fatal accident, while Marc thanks Lise for respecting the speed limit on a small country road. 

This new road safety campaign avoids any injunction or guilt to demonstrate that each day drivers have the power to save a life on the road through making the correct decision.  Therefore, installing the “communication-solution” strategy which arrives when each risk factor appears, or each member of the public is potentially at risk, to propose a road safety gesture or ritual that is easy to implement and share.

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