Sid Lee and Rethink Breast Cancer launch #8008135

Sid Lee and Rethink Breast Cancer launch #8008135 (aka BOOBIES spelled out on a calculator) a socially-driven breast health campaign developed to educate young adults across the globe about breast health. The campaign was developed based on the results of a US and Canada-wide research study by Rethink Breast Cancer and Asking Canadians of 800+ teens that showed that young adults overestimate their risk of breast cancer and do not know the actual facts.

#8008135 is a modern spin on a retro “hotline” and set out to reate a unique way to educate youth in an engaging and interactive format. The program revolves around the first ever breast health bot built to bust breast cancer myths and answer questions related to breast health in an engaging way.

“#8008135 is an important, youthful voice to add to the breast cancer movement,” says MJ DeCoteau, Founder + Executive Director of Rethink Breast Cancer. “As a mother of a teen girl myself, I think it’s important we are properly educating our youth on the importance of breast health and the realities of breast cancer, without turning to a narrative of fear.”

“Our goal with the #8008135 campaign is to create a reliable and accessible network of information for teen girls to learn about breasts and breast health” says Alexis Bronstorph, Creative Director, Sid Lee. “Teen girls today have enough to worry about and with this campaign, we’re hoping we can take breast cancer off that list..”

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