Sky Media And Prostate Cancer UK Partnership Launches Christmas Quiz

Prostate Cancer UK and Sky Media announce a festive extension of their partnership with a football pundit special Quizmas Cracker Christmas quiz. Together with former England stars Karen Carney, Jamie Carragher, Paul Merson and Micah Richards, the lively and upbeat quiz, fronted by Adam Smith, aims to normalise conversations around prostate cancer with sports fans. This festive edition to the year-long partnership further demonstrates the positive way Prostate Cancer UK is using its sports ties to engage with men in conversations about their health in a way they feel comfortable with. Bridging entertaining content and Christmas celebrations to dive into a dialogue around men’s health which is often avoided. 

Ali Day, Director of Communications at Prostate Cancer UK, said, “Christmas is traditionally about spending time and celebrating with friends and loved ones and this perfectly rounds off our 2021 campaign. We’ve been celebrating the men in our lives and their relationships through the eyes of these men and those closest to them – their partners, their mates, their children and their family. So, this is the perfect finale.

“We are delighted to be working with some household names from Sky Sports; men and women who have been at the top of their game on the football pitch and are now shining off it as pundits. Their competitive juices are still flowing, though, and that adds up to a fun, upbeat and lively campaign, but also one that continues the conversation about the dangers of prostate cancer.”

Former England, Manchester City and Aston Villa player, Micah Richards, added, “The statistic that one in four black men get diagnosed with prostate cancer is really shocking for me personally and for everyone. It’s not something I previously knew, but it’s highlighted to me just how important it is to support Prostate Cancer UK and its campaign to raise money to fund vital research to find out why some men are more at risk than others. It’s crucial that we educate men and encourage them to go to the doctors with any concerns because if you can catch it at source, it can help you in the long run.” 

Sarah Jones, Director of Planning at Sky Media, commented, “The latest element of our partnership brings our football talent together for a fun and festive quiz, helping normalise conversations around prostate cancer and men’s health. We’re really proud to help shine a spotlight on such an important topic through the power of entertainment.

Taylor Barr, Head of Sports Partnerships at the7stars, said, “We are delighted to be involved in this great partnership between Prostate Cancer UK and Sky Media once again on this exciting Christmas activation.  Strategically, this entire collaboration has been developed to normalise the discussion around prostate cancer through positive, uplifting content within the context of our audience’s sporting passions. So, there’s no better way to wrap up the year than with this festive quiz, featuring a stellar talent line up that have an open and honest conversation that help us celebrate the men in our lives and bring more awareness to Prostate Cancer UK.

The social programme will be available on Sky Sports YouTube from the 6th of December 2021. It will be promoted through a native article on the Sky Sports website, which will be supported by promotional content across Instagram and Facebook. A 90 second and 20 second cut down advert will promote the YouTube episode on linear TV.  

Brokered by the7Stars and its Supernova team, Prostate Cancer UK’s campaign was created by Sky Media and its commercial production team.

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